Here is a collection of all my favorite travel gadgets, products, and online business tools to make money with, I would buy a thousand times again!

I only listed products and services I TRULY love and would recommend my best friend too! I categorized my list into TRAVEL SERVICES, MAKING MONEY, SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTS, and BUSINESS BUILDING.

This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure for more info.


1. Skyscanner

This is my all-time favorite flight search engine. It compares flights from various companies and suggests the cheapest flights. I booked flights to London for $50! Check out my post about it here. You can also select the option “check worldwide” and it will show you the best times and cheapest flights to travel to various places. You can check out Skyscanner here.

skyscanner logo


My go-to hotel (and hostel) search website! You can select various options in your search, and so get the best hotel for your needs. If you book through my link, you can save even more by getting 10% cashback:

3. Interrail/Eurail

The original Train Passes for Europe. Some of you might know already that I traveled across Europe in May. I’ve been to 6 countries in 2-3 weeks with the train, more precisely, an Interrail ticket. Train passes are so much cheaper than getting individual tickets, especially for students, because they have special youth offers. You can get to their website here:

explore europe by train

4. Rail Europe

This is the train ticket site I used on my Europe trip to book my high-speed train reservations. I found it the easiest site to use for that. You can add the dates and destination, and select the train pass you already have to make the reservation show only, and not the whole ticket price. You can also buy extra train passes through Rail Europe.

A Single Stop for European Rail Travel

5. Get Your Guide

A website where you can book tickets to attractions all over the world! They sell regular tickets and also specials, like food tours or guided city tours. I always check them out for offers when I plan my travels, and also any time I see the original ticket sales are closed. You can take a look here.

6. Airbnb

Who doesn’t know Airbnb, right? But I still wanna mention it since I forget about it too sometimes! I love their concept of experiencing another place like a local! It also saves money compared to pricier hotels, so definitely worth a try if you’re over 18. On top of that, you can get $34 off with my link! Click here to redeem the coupon


7. Swagbucks

My favorite international survey page and cashback site! if you haven’t heard of it before, I’ll explain real quick. By completing surveys or other little tasks, you can collect points, which you can then redeem as either coupons or cash! You can also shop through their website and get cash back! It’s super easy, and a perfect side hustle for busy students. I’ve done surveys myself since I was 14, and earned over $800! It’s really worth a try! You can sign up here and start earning money right away!

8. YouGov

Another survey page I used a lot is YouGov. YouGov is only available in specific countries, but you can check that right here.

9. Entscheiderclub

Now, this is unfortunately limited to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, but this site has been my very favorite. I earned over $500 just from this website! They pay well, between $1-$10 per survey, and $1 for each person you recommend it to! I loved sending it to all my friends and we made some money altogether! So if you live in one of those 3 countries, you can sign up here for Switzerland, here for Germany, and here for Austria.

10. Affiliate Marketing

Another amazing way of making some money is with affiliate marketing! In short: You can get a small commission for recommending products (or services) to your friends and other people! If you have a blog, a Youtube channel, Instagram or Pinterest, you can make pretty good money with this, depending on your views and following of course.

affiliate marketing course

If you are interested in learning how to really master affiliate marketing, I can recommend Michelle’s Affiliate Course! It is amazing and full of valuable information on how to set up your media to actually make sales, how to get accepted to programs, how to make money with Affiliates through Pinterest and much more!

I am only halfway through and have improved my business already. Michelle makes $50,000 per month ONLY from affiliates, so I think she is the perfect person to learn it from! If you can achieve only $1000 per month with her course, you paid yourself back like 5 times, so duh it’s worth it!

You can learn more about Michelle’s course here:


Sustainability is one of the most important topics for me personally. We should all live and consume consciously, trying for less plastic and less waste. Every time I need something I look for plastic-free and sustainable alternatives. I know it can be frustrating if everything you see is wrapped in plastic, but it’s the only way to save our planet, guys!

So to make it easier for you, I will share my favorite plastic-free products with you now! And I truly love them!

11. Plastic-free Shampoo

For my hair, I use a shampoo bar from Foamie. It’s super easy to use and take on travels since it isn’t liquid! It’s super convenient for travel. If you’re from Europe you can get to foamie here. An international alternative would be this one from Amazon.

shampoo bar

12. Plastic-free Soap/ Body Wash

For the rest of my body AND my face, I use this black soap bar. You can get those from various brands. They are usually vegan and don’t contain palm oil or paraffine, which are all bad for the environment. They’re not wrapped in Plastic and also saves you travel space and luggage costs (no liquids!) You can get one here.

soap bar for face and body

13. Reusable Skincare Pads

These are my favorite alternatives to cotton pads which you throw in the trash after just one use! I got mine from Amazon. But there are other alternatives, like washcloths which you can reuse after washing.

reusable cotton pads

14. Plastic Free Toothbrush

I recently ordered a bamboo toothbrush with an exchangeable head! And I love it! It was exactly what I was looking for since short use toothbrushes cause more waste than if you could just exchange the brush part. The online shop also plants trees for each purchase, so that was a plus for me. You can check out the toothbrushes here.

bamboo toothbrushes with exchangable heads

15. Menstrual Cups

Let’s be honest ladies: All that waste from just our period sucks. I recently got my first one, and I already love its convenience and how much less stress I have that I don’t have to think about taking enough sanitary products with me or leaving trash anywhere! This little tool saves tons of trash and money from tampons and other sanitary products. I got mine from the drugstore, but I will link you one you can get from Amazon here.


menstrual cup amazon

16. Reusable Water Bottles

Luckily pretty well known, but still worth to mention. I still see so many people buying single-use plastic bags, and I know how hard this one is because we all know we need water. My top tip is to just ALWAYS have a reusable (favorably steel or glass) bottle with you. I got mine from here.

Reusable waterbottles amazon

17. Steel Straws

Yes, even straws count as travel gadgets! If you really pay attention, you get a straw at every single fast food place or restaurant. So if you have your own, you can save a plastic straw and theoretically save the life of a turtle. You can get some here.

steel straws for zero waste

18. Reusable Bags

Always always always take your own bags to stores! Even if you don’t plan on buying something, just keep a few in your car, backpack, or anything you take with you when you leave the house (or hotel). Since we all should have some non-plastic bag at home, I’m gonna link you some shopping bags I love to use for fruits and veggies.

reusable shopping bags for veggies and fruit

Since this blog is for travel-loving students who would like to build a business, here are some tools I use for mine. These are especially helpful for online businesses and blogs!

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to build the first business as a student. Here are my favorite blogging tools you can get started with today, to create your own money-making blog!

20. Bluehost

I know the first thing you would do here is going on a free plan from a website provider, but to earn money from your blog you need to be self-hosted!

You can read my full How to Start a Blog on a Budget Guide here.

But a little peek here: For a self-hosted blog, you need a host, and just like the name says, Bluehost can do that for you, starting at only $3,95 per month! Not only do they have the best price out there, but their support is awesome too. Ready to make money? You can start right here.

21. Tailwind

Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram scheduler for Bloggers! It schedules your saved pins for the best times for your account, so more people see them. Your reach and following increases! My traffic has increased by 880% since using Tailwind!! (according to analytics)

Oh, and I have a special offer for you if you use my link here, you get a premium month for free! They also have a free trial if you wanna try it out first. Schedule 100 pins for free:)

tailwind as online business tool for more traffic on your blog through pinterest

22. Creativemarket

This is a website selling beautiful WordPress themes, fonts, stock images, and other templates for very reasonable prices! I love their really affordable bundles with hundreds of fonts, designs, and templates for just a few bucks! You can get to Creativemarket here.

23. Convertkit

Probably the most well known for its amazing Email signup forms and email campaign creating options. If you have a blog or thinking about creating one, Convertkit is the Email Marketing provider you should definitely check out.


24. ActiveCampaign

What I use for my emails is ActiveCampaign. It’s affordable and I love the options I have for creating automations, campaigns, and multiple lists. You can get a free trial here.

Now, these are all my favorite travel gadgets and business tools & services at the moment. But I will add more occasionally!

Should you have any questions about any of the products or services, feel free to comment below or shoot me a contact form.

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