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Here you can find all of my favorite services and products and recommendations, including travel gadgets and services, money-making and saving offers, courses I have taken, and online business creation resources.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you purchase via my link I may get a small commission at no additional cost to you. I only recommend things I use and love, but for any questions, refer to my full disclosure here.

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travel services recommendations


My first recommendation is my all-time favorite flight search engine.

Skyscanner compares flights from various companies and suggests the cheapest and fastest flights. Perfect for students!

You can also select the option “worldwide”, where Skyscanner shows you the cheapest flights in the cheapest months, to everywhere in the world!

You can check out Skyscanner here!

Booking is my go-to hotel (and hostel) search website! You can select various options in your search, and so get the best hotel for your needs.

I book all of my hotels through and never had an issue. I really can recommend it!


If you are an active reader, you know that I traveled to 6 countries within 3 weeks!

That was with the Interrail (Eurail for non-Europeans) ticket, which made it possible for me to travel without CO2 emissions AND save lots of money!

Eurail offers great youth sales, so it is perfect if you travel to Europe as a student.

To check out their passes, click here!


A website where you can book tickets to attractions around the world!

They sell regular tickets and also specials like food tours or guided city tours.

What I love them about is that they have extra tickets to already sold out places.

When I traveled to Rome last spring, I was too late for booking Colosseum tickets. I then stumbled upon GetYourGuide and found tickets for the Colosseum AND Roman Forum combined. Jackpot!

Check them out here.


Airbnb is a great platform to rent apartments and houses. If you’re over 18, this is an amazing resource for finding awesome accommodations.

I love their concept of experiencing another place like a local! It also saves money compared to pricier hotels.

On top of that, you can get $34 off with my link! Redeem it here!


Swagbucks is my favorite international survey page and cashback site! if you haven’t heard of it before, I’ll explain real quick.

By completing surveys or other little tasks, you can collect points, which you can then redeem as either coupons or cash! You can also shop through their website and get cashback!

It’s super easy, and a perfect side hustle for busy students. I’ve done surveys myself since I was 14, and have earned over $1000 since then! It’s really worth a try!

You can sign up for it here.


Even though this survey site only accepts participants from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria, I still wanted to mention it here.

Entscheiderclub was the first successful survey site for me, and I earned over $600 through this site alone.

So if you are a lucky European living in one of these countries, sign up for it here!

Let me list all the courses I’ve taken and ebooks I’ve read related to growing my own online business!

Pinterest With Ell

Ell’s course about Pinterest is the perfect course for anyone who wants to start using it as a traffic generating tool for their website/blog to make money online!

Her course is set up for beginners AND advanced Pinterest users. She explains everything from the basics to her own strategies!

It is also one of the most affordable courses that really offers value!

Check out the course contents here.

The Pinterest Studio

The Pinterest Studio is another amazing course that really helped me improve my Pinterest SEO and increase my monthly viewers.

Katie’s course is mostly based on videos which makes it easy to follow and apply!

Just like Ell’s course, it is very beginner-friendly.

Check out the Pinterest Studio here!

Affiliate Marketing Simplified

Wanna make more money? Affiliate Marketing is one of the most profitable ways to make money online these days.

Cates course on affiliate marketing explains exactly how it works, how to make money with it, and everything you need to know to level up your online biz game!

Check out what her students say about the course!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Michelle’s course about Affiliate Marketing was actually the first course I invested in!

She increased her affiliate earnings from $0 to $50,000 A MONTH!

If you wanna learn from someone, learn from the best!

Check out what her course contains exactly, here!

Boost your Blog Traffic

This course by Frances is new on my list and I am very excited to get started with it!

It is all about growing your online traffic, which is something I want to learn more about.

See what others say about her course here!

the Ultimate Blog Planner

This blog planner printable is so cute and helpful!

It looks amazing and makes planning content so much easier and more fun.

Check out what’s inside by clicking here!

In this category, I am listing all things that can help you as a student or college student!


If you haven’t heard of Grammarly, it is a (free) browser extension that corrects your grammar and spelling errors!

Even as someone being pretty good at grammar, those small mistakes that happen when you write very fast happen so quickly!

Grammarly is honestly my #1 tip for students! (and it is free). Check it out here!


With StudyBay, you can sell your essays and write for others on a freelance basis!

This idea of making money is unique but profitable!

Whether you have some essays lying around (remember to only sell them if they are a couple of months or years old, not that your professor will look for plagiarism and find your essay for sale)

Or if you just like writing and wanna make some money on the side, StudyBay is a great way to do that!

Check it out here, it’s free!

Amazon Prime Student

Did you know that you can use Amazon Prime 6 months for free if you are a student?

I think that’s pretty cool!

I love Amazon Prime, especially for the holiday season. It saves you money and time!

Sign up for your free trial here.

Besides courses and ebooks, there are tons of other helpful tools that help you start. manage, and grow your website, blog, or online biz. Ready for what I use?


Tailwind is the Pinterest automation tool that I use every single day.

I managed to grow my Pinterest account to 1.5m monthly viewers this year, thanks to Tailwind, the Pinterest courses I’ve taken, and my own strategy.

I schedule out about 40-50 pins a day, which I definitely couldn’t manage without Tailwind.

Tailwind sends out the pins I schedule out at the best times for my audience.

That causes more people to see my pins>more views>more traffic to my blog>more money!

Try Tailwind for free!

Creative Market

CreativeMarket is my #1 resource for themes, fonts, printables, wall art, backgrounds, mockups, and stock photos.

I got my theme from here, some fonts I use including my logo font and many more.

They also have bundles with hundreds of designs for a very low price. Love those!

Check out CreativeMarket here!

CreativeMarket also offers 6 free downloads each week! Check out this week’s goodies!

My Theme “Isabelle”

Like I mentioned in the previous section, I got my theme from CreativeMarket.

It’s this beautiful and feminine theme that is super affordable!

I made a post about the 10 best themes under $50 if you wanna check that out for more.

Check out my theme here


Wanna start a blog? Well, you need a host for it.

I don’t personally use Bluehost because the websites of my family’s businesses are hosted by a Swiss host called Hostpoint, so it was cheaper for me to just let my blog be added there.

But I know that most of you are from the US, UK, Germany, etc and can’t use that resource.

For that reason, I searched for the most common, best, and affordable host that everyone can use, and found Bluehost.

Their plans start at $3.95 a month, sometimes even $2.95!

The plans are also customizable if you want a security certificate or a domain for example.

I wrote a whole guide about how to set up your blog, read it here!

Click here to check out the plans of Bluehost.

Active Campaign

What I use for writing and sending my emails and email courses is ActiveCampaign.

It’s affordable and I love the options I have for creating automated email series’, campaigns, and having multiple lists at a time.

Try ActiveCampaign for free here (no credit card required!)

If you know me for a little longer, you know that I am very dedicated to being sustainable, conscious, and as low waste as possible.

Plastic pollution IS a thing and it’s a problem. But if everyone starts doing something about it, we can still save our planet!

It is all about being sustainable. Quality over quantity. Using things for a long time. Purchasing new things consciously.

With these products below, I try to reduce my waste and footprint while still enjoying life and saving money. Sounds good? Let me show you what I use.

Shampoo Bars

When I discovered shampoo bars, I wasn’t even eco-conscious, I just liked the fact that I can take it in my carry-on!

The good thing about bars is that it isn’t packaged in a wasteful way, and it’s usually pretty good for your hair too because it doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.

There are also conditioner bars and shower bars (basically soup like in the old days) just like this shampoo.

The brand I use is “Foamie” and only available in German drugstores. But here is an alternative I found on Amazon. You can also check out Lush for bars.

Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is a very first step towards sustainability and a plastic-free life.

It also saves you tons of money because you don’t have to buy single bottles every time you’re thirsty.

If the water in your school or home isn’t safe to drink and you don’t have fountains, you can get a filtered water bottle.

Take your own Bags

In case you don’t do this yet, please take your own reusable bags with you at all times!

Sometimes you end up buying something without planning on shopping, so it is important and convenient to just keep a shopping bag in your car, bike or backpack.

If you don’t have one, you can get some here.

Produce Bags

Produce bags in grocery stores have been my biggest issue with becoming zero/low waste.

Those bags can’t be reused or recycled because they are so thin that they just rip.

For quite some time I just bought package-less veggies and fruits and put the weight stickers on a piece of paper.

Until I finally bought some mesh produce bags! I honestly love them, they make life so easy.

You can either order them here or buy them at your local grocery store if they have something like this.

Stainless Steel Straw

Here in Europe, we don’t really use straws unless it’s a smoothie in a cafe or something.

But whenever I am in the US, an own reusable straw is unavoidable. Whether that is steel, glass, bamboo, or even pasta straws.

They constantly put straws in drinks without asking first, so you have to tell them no straw before they leave to get your drink.

If you go to a place where they have fountain drinks, you can just refill your own cup.

That usually saves you money too (and makes you feel better).

I have these straws from the online shop EarthHero and love them!

Menstrual Cup

Ladies, I can’t ignore this one!

Out of all these sustainable swaps, the menstrual cup is my very favorite.

I was pretty scared to try it first, but after the 2-3th time I was so used to it and I was shocked how amazing it is.

Besides the fact that it is good for the environment (think about all the tampons and pads that you used in your life), it also saves you TONS of money and also time.

The one I have is from a German brand called Selena cup, which I couldn’t find online, unfortunately. Here is one that looks closest to it and has good reviews.

Here is an article I found that describes it even more, if you are interested.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Have you ever thought about where your product packages and toothbrushes go after you throw them away?

Well, either a landfill or the ocean…

Let’s stop that!

I recently discovered that my local drugstore sells bamboo toothbrushes, but before that, I ordered them online.

Bamboo toothbrushes aren’t much more expensive and they last you long too. Also, bamboo is a resource that grows fast, so it the rainforests are not suffering from our switches.

I personally don’t mind paying more to do something good, but if you are on a budget, this toothbrush set is a good one to check out.

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That was it for my current favorites, recommendations, and resources! I hope you enjoyed it and found what you’re looking for.

If you have any questions, comment below or reach out through the contact form or my social media linked in the menu.

Until soon,

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