Are you tired of always being broke in college?

This ebook will give you 99 ways to save money as a student, from simple tweaks to bigger life choices.

Do any of these sound familiar?

You're a high school or college student and making money during that time is possible but hard. The money you do make goes towards saving for college, your future, or for things like a laptop, which, you guessed it, is also needed for college.

You know that having a budget plan is beneficial and needed to manage your money, but you don’t know how to create one specifically for college?

You already have a budget but your expenses exceed your income and you want to find ways to reduce that without living on the streets?

You need to finance your education on your own, and to be able to pay back your loans, you want to find ways to save money, so you can pay off that loan quicker?

What if you could...

Find ways to save money in several areas of your life, so you can finally have money for things other than textbooks and various college expenses.

What if you knew dozens of techniques to save money when shopping, eating, going out, or buying textbooks, and you could put more towards your tuition bill, student loans, or even your future house?


99 ways to save money as a student

This 36-page digital ebook is exactly what you need if you are a student looking for techniques to cut down on expenses in several areas of life, including tips for how to create a budget and what accounts you need as a student.

Here's what you'll get

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home and food

This section includes money-saving tips related to home and food, so if you struggle to budget your money when grocery shopping or meal prepping, this is for you!


Love shopping? Here are some of the best budgeting secrets for students when it comes to buying new things. That can be groceries, clothes, electronics, and more.


As a travel addict, this is my favorite chapter! It includes all my best tips for saving money on vacation, booking flights, and when commuting to college daily.

studying / college

The longest chapter involves all things studying and directly saving money with college-things. These tips consist of where to buy certain things for college, and even where to go to college if you haven't yet started.


This last section of the money saving ideas includes self development, gifts, and anything else that didn't fit into the previous four categories.

start saving money today with the 99 ways to save money ebook!

This eBook is the only money-saving resource you need as a college student. Grab your copy today!

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“I loved this ebook, Zsuzsanna did a great job of sharing tips from all areas in your life! She combines practical knowledge, unique tips with eco-friendly ideas to help you save money. This book taught me many new ways to save money, be a smarter consumer and more eco friendly, it’s a win-win! You will not regret purchasing this ebook!”


Meet the author

Hi, I am Zsuzsanna, current university student and founder of the student blog myclickjournal; the one-stop place for budget travel tips, making money, and more college advice.

Being organized and budgeting my money has definitely helped me pay some of my university tuition myself. My goal is to fund it all on my own and I think I’m on a good path!

Having money involves more than just making it and putting some away for later. You gotta manage it well, keep track of it, and reduce your expenses in order to have money to spend on things other than textbooks, while still saving for the big things in life.

I hope this ebook can support you on that journey!

ready to tackle your finances in college?

Get your copy today and start saving in 99 different ways as a student, whether you’re in high school or college!

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This eBook includes 99 ways to save money as a student,  a quote page, resources for saving money, a money affirmation page, as well as a bonus budget planner and expense tracker.

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“This ebook was so useful and very well structured. There are tonnes of tips in it for saving money, as well as info about what accounts students should have. I am starting university in the fall, so this ebook had the perfect timing! I will get right at my budget planning and can’t wait to try all the tips I read about saving money while being a student!”


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