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Get my free printables and courses for free on this page! When you scroll down you’ll also find my favorite tools I use for college, traveling, and making money as a student.

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Online Exam checklist

This online exam checklist is here to help you schedule and plan your study sessions up to your exam!

budget tracker freebie

Budget Planner

These budget and expense trackers are the perfect monthly money management tools for college!

Goal Tracker

This goal planner is perfect for you if you want to plan out your goals and track it! That way you can achieve them.

travel packing list

Travel Packing List

This packing list is all you need to organize for your next vacation or trip abroad. Add your own items or check off those that are listed!

Travel Budget Planner

This budget planner and expense tracker are perfect for financially planning your next trip! Make sure to give enough time to save up.

trip planning checklist freebie cover image

Trip Planning Checklist

Not sure how to plan the best budget trip as a student? Here is a roadmap you can check off as you plan your upcoming trip.

Free 5-day email course: how to start a blog

Wanna know how I started my own blog as a full-time college student? Enroll in this course to learn how to set it up, what resources to use, getting people to find your blog, establishing an audience, and the best ways to make money with it! 

Successful Semester Pack

This printable pack includes a course info page, semester goals, and a time-blocking template.

Halloween Party Planner

Wanna plan a Halloween party in college? This is for you! Make sure to read the post with it too.

Motivational Quotes

Here are 10 motivational quotes for your dorm room. Hang them up on your wall, mirror, or ceiling!

College Bucket List

You’re about to start college and need some inspiration what to put onto your college bucket list?

Senior Year Bucket List

School is starting soon? It’s time for you to make a Bucket List for your senior year!

Spring Bucket List

Get a list of 50 things to do in Spring as a college student, and check them off as you go.

Summer Bucket List

This Summer Bucket List is all you need to have the best summer ever!

Fall Bucket List

Fall is here, and what is more perfect for fall than a dedicated bucket list?

Winter Bucket List

Winter is here and you’re not sure what to do when you get some free time? Check this out!


My Favorite Tools

Stuff I use and love as a college student

for college & studying


Grammarly is my ONE most favorite college tool! It corrects my spelling and grammar mistakes and also checks my essays for plagiarism and wording changes. It has literally saved me tons of time!


Wanna learn a new skill to add to your resume? Skillshare has thousands of classes you can have access to. How about public speaking? You can try it for free!


On studybay, you can sell your essays and assignments, and also buy some from others. Of course, never plagiarize, but getting inspiration can help give you a guideline on what others wrote about!

Amazon Prime

Did you know that as a college student you can get a free Prime account for 6 months! And after that, it’s only half-price! Click the link below to set up your student account today!

For budget travel


Whenever I book flights, I use Skyscanner to find the best deal and the cheapest months to fly! I love traveling, but as a college student I need to stick to my budget!

To book my hotel stays and hostels, I use I use it so much that I reached a Genius level and get even more discounts with it! I can fully recommend!


After graduating high school, i traveled Europe for 3 weeks with the interrail/eurail pass! It was a ton of fun and also saved me money! I visited 6 countries by train, so the pass saved me from needing individual tickets.


Need tickets to the Eiffel Tower but they’re sold out? Check Get Your Guide! I used them for several tickets on my Europe trip and it was so useful!

For a college blog


Blueshost is a very affordable host, perfect for your college blog. Plans start from $3.95 a month, sometimes even less! In my free blogging course, I walk you through the sign-up process and how to install everything on your blog.


For sending emails to my subscribers, I use ConvertKit. Their free plan is perfect to get you started with emails!

creative market

Creative Market is where I got my blog theme from, which you can see in the thumbnail above! Their themes and tools are affordable and so aesthetic!


A blog needs marketing! Tailwind schedules my Pinterest pins for me so  I don’t have to! Check it out for free below.

Behind the Scenes

Products I use to make the things happen


A good college backpack is so beneficial! Having a good quality backpack lasts you much longer and saves you money long-term.

DSLR Camera

As a college student with a business and loves photography, I have a camera, which is the Canon EOS 90D. I absolutely love it!

water bottle

Water bottles are so important in college and beyond! It helps you drink more water, and the filter avoids the need of plastic bottles.

Phone case

Having a good phone is is so important to protect your phone! I personally have a biodegradable one to be more sustainable.


Having a good laptop in college is so important y’all! you don’t want it to break when writing an assignment. This one from Microsoft is fast and lightweight!

Bullet journal

in college, organization is everything! To plan out my year, months, and my to-do lists, I use a bullet journal. I have this one right now and love it!


To write aesthetic notes to study from, I use pastel highlighters. I just think they make notes look much neater and also really nice to look at!

shampoo bars

I think shampoo and conditioner bars are SO amazing. They are ecofriendly, natural, and don’t involve liquids, which is perfect for traveling. Try it!